New Photography Book Unmasks Fashion’s Glittery…

A New Photography Book, Bling Bling Baby explores intersections of ‘90s hip-hop culture and contemporary fashion in lavish excess

New Photography Book Unmasks Fashion’s Glittery…

‘Bling Bling Baby’ is inspired by ‘90s hip-hop. 📷: Daniel Sannwald via @TheCut

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A beginner’s guide to digital photo editing

“Thoughtful #post-processing should be a part of every type of photographer’s toolkit.” @lonelyplanet

A beginner’s guide to digital photo editing

No one with a smartphone has an excuse for missing that perfect moment – 📷: © Ben Morales via Lonely Planet

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Elvis Joins the Army

The 24th of March was called “black Monday” for his fans by the press as he left for the army.

Elvis Joins the Army

The ‘King of Rock and Roll’ Elvis Presley reported for his induction into the US Army, March 1958. 📷: Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images

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Grit And Guts – The New Face Of Female

“At Getty Images we have seen a rise in the popularity of images depicting women who care less about how they look and more about what they can do, a visual trend we are calling ‘Gritty Woman’” – Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Insight, Getty Images ( via HuffPostUK)

Grit And Guts – The New Face Of Female

According to a recent survey by Sport England, a third of women still worry about what people think of their appearance and ability when they exercise. At a time where we’re seeing women as world leaders, this is a worrying statistic. 📷: Nick David

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Hondros | Tribeca Film Festival

In Hondros, director and childhood friend Greg Campbell creates a portrait of a man with not only great depth and sensitivity, but a passion for his craft, and an unending talent for creating breathtaking imagery. Executive produced by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Hondros | Tribeca Film Festival

Beginning with the war in Kosovo in 1999, award-winning photographer Chris Hondros served as a witness to conflict for over a decade before being killed in Libya in 2011.

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Classic Music Stars In The Studio

Behind the mic with some of the greatest music legends of all time

Classic Music Stars In The Studio

The great Marvin Gaye at Golden West Studios Los Angeles-1973. 📷: Jim Britt/Michael Ochs Archive-@GettyImages

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Amsterdam’s Chef and Photographer Made a…

The project took a year to complete and each image is the result of a lengthy process of research, testing of materials, preparation, art direction, planning and of course experimenting—with most shots taking sometimes up to nine hours to prepare,”

Amsterdam’s Chef and Photographer Made a…

Robbie Postma and Robert Harrison’s wild food portraits.📷: Robbie Postma (via Adweek)

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Redefining Beauty Standards

“Maria Ribeiro, a Brasil-based feminist photographer believes that everything we want is to grow old in peace with our bodies, our curves, our marks …”

Redefining Beauty Standards

“When did a woman’s body, the real body, become forbidden?” – 📷Maria Ribeirovia @The_PlaidZebra

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50 Best Places to Travel in 2017

Technology and globalization can make the world feel small and thoroughly explored. But there are always places to discover—and rediscover—for yourself.

50 Best Places to Travel in 2017

How many of these places will you visit in 2017? Queenstown, New Zealand 📷:Ramiro Torrents/GettyImages via Travel + Leisure

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