“I have been covering the Rohingya since 2010,…

“I have met locals who are going door to door, collecting small donations from ordinary people to buy the refugees food and blankets, sympathetic border guards, and dozens of NGOs on the ground, providing everything from clothes, blankets, food, to mental health support. These are huge steps in the right direction, and they fill me with hope.” – 📷: Allison Sarah Joyce via Getty Images News

“I have been covering the Rohingya since 2010,…

“I have been covering the Rohingya since 2010, when I first came to Cox’s Bazar as a young and slightly naive photojournalist. There, I wandered through the dense and dirty narrow alleyways, disbelieving my eyes that people could be so desperate. After I moved to Bangladesh in 2013, I made two more trips to the camps and was dismayed to find that nothing much had changed. But this time, as more than 65,000 Rohingya have fled over the border since October, the tide is turning. The past week I have heard awful stories, completely devoid of humanity including gang rape, arson and extrajudicial killing allegedly perpetrated by the Myanmar military. I feel that the tide is turning because people here in Bangladesh are waking up to the horrors…Read More

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


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